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Are you taking advantage of OODA loops, System Thinking Models, and Critical Thinking Skills? Can you grow Psychological Support in your teams? Identify the problem domains with Cynefin to use the right tools for the job? Do you practice true Continuous Development, including Dynamic Models for Budgeting and Accounting?

We'll show you how to create your own high-performing software development organizations.

DevOps, Scrum, and other approaches only address a small part of the problems facing modern organizations.

In the Agile Manifesto we wrote, "We are uncovering better ways of developing software…" We're still uncovering and discovering just what it takes to succeed in complex, rapid changing environments.

Join us and discover the missing pieces.


You were promised…

The Agile movement promised better ways of working together to develop software projects and products, letting you deliver rich, useful systems that are quick to market and resilient in production. However…


Sound Familiar?

Classic blunders persist: Companies still underestimate complexity, cost and schedule. Communication breaks down. Oversight and project management fail to produce results. Unmanaged risks blow up at the worst moment. Organizational transformations don't go as expected.


What you really need:

The whole point of a methodology is to make it easier for everyone in the organization to work together, in a rapidly changing, complex environment. Abstract principles alone don't work. Concrete practices alone don't work—they limit you to the beginner level. You have to start with concrete practices, but you can't stop there.


Here's How to Make it Work:

The GROWS Method® provides concrete practices for Leadership, Managers, Developers and Users to help us work together effectively. But that's just the beginning. Our Thinking Guides™ help you take the next steps to mastery.

Watch Andy Hunt, one of the 17 authors of the Agile Manifesto, explain what The GROWS Method® is all about.

Our expert-led workshops will help you and your team better understand and navigate the complex landscape of modern software development.

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